DEREK GRIPPER (South Africa)

The remarkable South African guitarist Derek Gripper transcribes more music from West Africa’s kora masters for guitar to stunning effect.

In his current album, Libraries on Fire, Gripper takes on further works from the great kora maestros; Toumani Diabaté, Ballaké Sissoko and Sekou Batourou Kouyate. Gripperconjures anew a centuries-old ancient African musical heritage, interpreting complex kora compositions (21 string harp) on solo guitar, a feat which

classical guitar legend John Williams said he thought was “absolutely impossible until I heard Derek Gripper do it.”

Derek has held a fascination for the works of Toumani Diabaté since first hearing his debut album Kaira back in 2002, and has taken on the astounding

challenge of recreating these works for guitar ever since.


When & Where:
Thurs 9 August, The Concourse, Chatswood - SGF Gala

Fri 10 August, The Factory - with Kaki King and Daniel Champagne

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