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Holy Grail Guitars will once again generously display some of their incredible guitars, curating the guitars to match the event. The select shows for display will also feature the owner of the collection, Clyde Watkins - who has some fascinating stories to share and bring these instruments to life!

Holy Grail Guitars is an international museum quality collection not only of instruments but antiquities and artefacts going back through history from the earliest Bronze Age harps, lutes and proto guitars of Africa, Asia, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

By traversing the Silk Road and other ancient pathways, Medieval Europe was to produce the guitar as we now know it. The antiquities and artefacts tell the story of how instruments were incorporated within cultures and the methods by which they were disseminated throughout the world. You will notice the importance of women musicians in the history of the guitar. It would be wonderful to show the female (and male) members of the population this crucial contribution and also pick up a whole new group of guitar enthusiasts.