Sydney Film Premiere + Q&A + Live performance

Sydney Guitar Festival is very excited to announce that it will be hosting the Sydney Premiere of the highly anticipated Acoustic Uprising. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Drew Roller and Matt from Guitar Podcast and an exclusive performance by one of the featured guitarists Van Larkins.

Acoustic Uprising looks at the innovative new approach to acoustic guitar known as FingerStyle. Recently this style has risen to prominence on Youtube and social media, startling and delighting millions due to it’s mesmerising manipulation of the ubiquitous acoustic guitar. Through the viral nature of Youtube and the transcendent nature of their music— FingerStyle has ignited a guitar community like no other. A community of guitarists who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of the instrument and themselves to ever greater heights. 

Acoustic Uprising features interviews with internationally renowned artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Kaki King, Newton Faulkner, Sungha Jung and Andy McKee. 

An inspiring story about the power of community as much as musical performance, Acoustic Uprising shows how social media is enabling and encouraging a new generation to express themselves artistically like never before, whilst also fuelling a rapidly evolving culture of innovation that is pushing this style of music to ever greater heights.


When & Where:
Sat 26 August, The Concourse