Get Blind with Brian! The Sequel. 

For the Sydney Guitar Festival, Brian will be arranging music for a unique performance where the audience is to be blindfolded.

After receiving rave reviews from his SOLD OUT SGF 2017 performance, Brian returns for his victory lap with ‘Get Blind with Brian! The Sequel.’

Brian Campeau is mostly known for his complex guitar playing accompanied by long sorrowful vocals. He is much less known for his charm and willingness to please his audience. That’s because some people don’t like his sense of humour, but that’s ok, right?

He’s originally from Canada, but he’s been in Australia since 2003, so that pretty much makes him true blue.

Though he tends not to like being compared to other artists, he does see some value to these comparisons. With this in mind, some would say Brian sounds like Nick Drake mixed with Radiohead. Others might say he sounds like Mary Schneider, but that would be misleading because he sounds nothing like that.


When & Where:
Sun 12th August, Camelot, Marrickville

From $27.90